Thursday, May 26, 2011

Intending candidates for Watut and Wampar LLG President warned to back off from Watut River issues.

By Watut Reporter

President of the Union of Watut River Communities(UoWRC) Association 
Incorporated Mr Reuben Mete has brushed aside criticism made against his 
organization (UoWRC) and warned recycle politicians intending to contest the 
Watut and Wampar LLG President seat not to used Watut River Issues as a campaign 
platform to lure peoples support for the next years Local Level Government 
Council Election.      

Mr Mete made this known today when addressing the members of the UoWRC in Middle 
Watut Region, The President of UoWRC was responding Mr Gewisa Tukwund of Leklu 
village and Markham Bridge Councilor Douglas Gedisa statement published on the 
National Newspaper earlier this week. Mr Mete has claimed that both Tukwund and 
Gedisa have recently formed and are heading two new organization duplicating the 
work of the Union of Watut River Communities Association Inc and 
warned communities of Watut and Wampar to be careful of other political 
leaders establishing organizations after organization and should study well the 
person they are following. Mr Tukwund is the Chairman of the recent launched 
Upper Watut Impact Association and Mr Gedisa is the Chairman of the newly formed 
Wampar Union. 

"The Middle Watut communities are very much affected by these mining operations 
in Hidden Valley and I invite Mr Tukwund and Mr Gedisa to visit the place 
themselves before making unsubstantial statement to the media.  The UoWRC has 
initially trying to work hand in hand to assist the Wampar Union faction to see 
its establishment however this shall no continue anymore" Mete said. 

In addition to that, Mr Mete has thank Hon Pundari in trying to address mining 
related issues around the country including the Watut River Pollution  and 
assures the representative to the recent meeting were Executive Members of the 
UoWRC organization and not for any family affairs. He also thank 
the Mineral Resources Authorities and the print media to publicize the meeting 
resolutions so that transparency and honesty will prevail and that self centered 
leaders cannot have rooms for misleading the people.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor call by Wenge

By Studor, Lae

Why is Morobe Governor Luther Wenge wasting time and people's money by suing a fellow politician? He should start serving the people of Morobe as a true songan. The people of Morobe are tired of his empty promises. I salute Bulolo MP Sam Basil for showing good leadership.

Monday May 09, 2011 - The National

Bad Taste, Governor Wenge.

By The Drum.

Have to assume the good Morobe Governor gave his PR staff the weekend off? His agitated performance bouncing around in front of the camera on last night news didn't look good. Sit down next time, Governor. That performance just raised all the poor stereotypes we have come to expect of pollies. And the subject of the story, the Watut River Pollution, would only harden the affected people attitude when they saw the belligerence with which he addressed them rather than the conciliation they Probably expected from their leader.

Post Courier April 27, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mining Minister to invites Watut Union for talks.

By Watut Reporter

Members of the campaign group the Union of Watut River Communities (UoWRC) have been invited by the Mining Minister Hon John Pundari to a dialogue meeting with other Governments Departmental heads including the Department of Environment and Conservation, Mineral Resources Authorities and Mining Department in Port Moresby on the 11th May, 2011. The Minister make this known yesterday at the recent launching of the new bulldozer for Mumeng LLG yesterday. President of the UoWRC Mr Reuben Mete in confirming this today says the issues that will be discussed will only includes those many outstanding issues made by the Papua New Guinea National Government Departments and nothing on the current litigation court case as UoWRC is looking forward to sue the developer of the Hidden Valley Mining the Australia based Newcrest Mining and South Africa's Harmony Gold on its nuisance sedimentation and chemical with toxic pollution on the Watut River causing serious environmental damages that affects thousands of communities downstream with their ecosystem.

The outstanding Government commitments including the appointment of a state team and an environmental audit into Watut River.