Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watut River Forum Resolutions - the 21 day Ultumatum

The 21 day ultimatum to the Papua New Guinea National Government and the Morobe Provincial Government to act before the communities resolve as to their next cause of action which will come after May 11, 2011.

The demands include:

1. That the Morobe Governor meets all its outstanding commitments made to the concerned communities since 2009 which have never been fulfilled;

2. That Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC), Mining Department and Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) come down to the communities and address their outstanding problems and explained to them fully their commitments in establishing a state team and their engagement of SMEC into the Watut River issue.

3. That the National Court action taken by the Union of Watut River Communities be continued and shall include the Huon Gulf mining impacted communities;

4. That Morobe Mining Joint Venture should not visit the impacted communities outside of the Hidden Valley MOA area;

5. Authorities, including Bulolo District JDBPPC and Government of PNG to look into the outstanding 471 garden compensation payments and respond ASAP.

We urge the National and provincial authorities to address these demands no later than 11 May, 2011.

Failure will result in further action by landowners.

Authorized by:

Reuben Mete
Union of Watut River Communities Association Inc.

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