Thursday, August 9, 2012

Knowing your Ministers, 2012 - 2017


Peter O'Neill – Prime Minister
Leo Dion – Deputy Prime Minister; Inter-Government Relations.
Don Polye – Treasurer
James Marape - Finance
Charles Abel - National Planning
Loujaya Toni - Religion, Youth and Community Development.
Ben Micah - Public Enterprises and State Investment
Rimbink Pato - Foreign Affairs and Immigration
Education - Paru Aihi
Michael Malabag - Health and HIV-AIDS
Patrick Pruaitch - Forests and Climate Change
Ano Pala – Transport
Tommy Tomscoll - Agriculture and Livestock
Sir Puka Temu - Public Service
John Pundari - Environment and Conservation
David Arore - Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology
Kerenga Kua - Justice and Attorney-General
Fabian Pok – Defence
William Duma - Petroleum and Energy
Paul Isikiel - Housing and Urban Development
Boka Kondra - Tourism, Arts and Culture
Richard Maru – Trade, Commerce and Industry
Justin Tkatchenko - Sports and Pacific Games
Mark Maipakai - Labour and Industrial Relations
Nixon Duban – Police
Mao Zeming - Fisheries and Marine Resources
Jim Samatab - Correctional Service
Jim Miringtoro - Communication and Information Technology
Byron Chan – Mining
Francis Awesa - Works and Implementation
Steven Kama - Autonomous Regions
Benny Allen - Lands and Physical Planning
Davis Steven - Civil Aviation

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