Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Transit Accommodation for Miners

Source: Post Courier, Thursday August 02nd 2012, pg 16

This is the scene right now at Nine Mile outside Lae City where Hornibrook NGI – one of Papua New Guinea’s major construction companies, is building a new hotel to accommodate workers transiting from the Hidden Valley gold mine and soon to be Wafi gold and copper mines in the Morobe Province. The 46-room modern hotel will provide transit accommodation for the mine workers as they transit to and from the giant mines.

The hotel facilities will include a 120-seat capacity modern kitchen and dining hall, a gymnasium and other services provided by modern hotels for guest. Mine workers transiting trough Lae now use 142 rooms provided within the modern housing estate at Valley View next to where this hotel is being built. The new hotel is set to change the face of the Nine Mile area which is fast developing into a satellite township of its own with the investment that Hornibrook NGI is committing to it. Also, near the hotel the company is constructing a community hall which will house a volleyball court, health clinic and gymnasium. Hornibook company director Sherron Lewis said the community hall and health clinic are being built to serve the local community.

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